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Victor Hernandez Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 2.5
Foreign currency trading, or forex in short, is one of the favorite investment mechanisms due to its high- profit potential. This program allows you to simulate forex operations using historic and current data.
Thus, you can test and hone your investment abilities and make dummy, risk-free operations before investing in reality.
The program has two modes: historic and test. In the first one, you can get past forex data. As you may know, the markets work at a very low speed, and thus, it is very difficult to keep track on them to make informed investment decisions. The historic mode lets you have all the historic data you may need. Thus, you can observe all the data for many years within just a few seconds. The test mode allows you to simulate forex operations using current data, which can be updated according to your needs, from a minute to month.
The program is not easy to use. You need to have some investment literacy and familiarity with investment terms and operations. Also, another disadvantage may be its cost, which is rather high. The demo version of the program only allows you to test your capabilities and to learn how to perform forex operations; it does not allow you to go back and forward in time to test your strategies. It has several other limitations too, so if you are serious about entering the world of forex exchange, then you may need to obtain the full licensed progam.


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    FX_or_not_FX 10 months ago

    I wish Forex Tester had more built-in automated strategies because the crossover of simple moving averages is not what I need. However, when it comes to the manual testing – none of the existing software can beat this one.

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    cabletrader Last year

    I have been using Forex Tester 2 software since 2014. I managed to lose few deposits (it is approximately $2,000) until I purchased the program.
    At the very first day of using it, I discovered that absolutely all strategies (there were 8 of them), which I found on the forum, showed a negative balance for the period from 2001 till 2014. I was so sure that all of them would be able to bring me profit because each of them seemed so logical.
    You can imagine my astonishment when I realized that most of my strategies had a -40% result and 2 of them gave me even a 60% loss. I could have spent few months or even years to test those strategies on a real account and finally discover that none of them is working. And certainly I would have spent a huge amount of money.
    Forex Tester helped me to save tons of time, money and efforts. Thanks a lot to the developers of the software. I recommend this program to all traders especially to the novice ones.


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